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Work Videos

Here are some videos of deliberative projects I have worked on in some way. Bayside Child Care Futures Deliberative Panel – led by Keith Greaves, co-facilitated by Kimbra White Wyndham Learning Communities Strategy  – led by Kimbra and co-facilitated by Nicole Hunter & Jen Lilburn Australia’s First Citizens Parliament -. Read more …

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Five things to remember when engaging the community + good food

1. Plan your community engagement activities at the same time as planning your project. For every step in your project, there is probably some action you should be taking in relation to the community. Don’t wait to the end – you may have a very agitated group of affected people. Read more …

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Participatory budgeting in Tower Hamlets

Today I visited Tower Hamlets a diverse, multi-cultural municipality in the East End of London that is known as the site  of the largest Participatory Budgeting (PB) project in the United Kingdom. Shazia Hussain spent time telling me about the process she led back in 2008 – 2010. Implemented two. Read more …

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Community Engagement – what’s it all about?

Whether it is called community engagement, public participation, stakeholder engagement, public involvement, civic engagement… it is about people being involved in decisions that affect their lives. When governments engage citizens and communities in decisions, this is participatory democracy at work. Community and stakeholder engagement is just as important in the. Read more …

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Participatory Budgeting

“Undoubtedly, the acid test of participation is budgeting” writes Jenny Stewart in Dilemnas of Engagement in 2009. While Australia is not the founding home of participatory budgeting, that’s Brazil, nor is there a huge body of work (as is profiled in UK and North America),  however I am wondering if some. Read more …

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Australia’s First Citizens Parliament – some reflections from the floor

The first Australian Citizens Parliament was held on February 6 to 9, 2009 in Old Parliament House in Canberra. This was citizen democracy in action. Fast paced, intense, inspiring, deliberative, exhausting, and hot was my experience of being on the facilitation team. One hundred and fifty randomly sampled people, one. Read more …

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