I work in partnership from time to time with the following people.

Gillian Jones of Artsinspire works with me as a co-facilitator. She has specialist skills in engaging children and young people and using creative arts to enable groups to access knowledge from their creative beings.

Martin Butcher and Kimbra White collaborate on participatory processes particularly in relation to cities, architecture and planning. Martin is an architect (with a PhD in participatory development) and Kimbra a former planner. We have a vision for people having a real influence in the cities and neighbourhoods in which they live.

Capire, a specialist social sustainability consultancy in Melbourne, and Kimbra work together on some projects.

In addition to the above people, Kimbra is part of a network of highly skilled community engagement and/or facilitation consultants – Bruce Turner, Lindy Amos, Daryl Cook, Michelle Howard, Kay Gravell and Rhonda Tranks in Melbourne, Straight Talk in Sydney and pattillo in Wellington, New Zealand.

Lyn Ellenby provides administrative services for Kimbra White, Ros King provides writing and editing services and Helen Dean Design provides design and business advice.